Friday, March 9, 2012

And then there were Three. David Lussier joins new Ten.

Warm Autumn by David Lussier
The momentum is building at The Ten New England Painters with the addition of our third member - artist and workshop instructor David Lussier.  David and his wife Pamela Lussier are both accomplished painters, from Connecticut, and I have enjoyed seeing their work on facebook for sometime.  So, when a friend suggested I contact David to be in the Ten, I took her advice. 

But, before contacting him, I visited his website  What I found, was a like-minded artist in both his painting and teaching philosophy.  Like myself and many artists I know, David is profoundly influenced by the beauty he sees in the natural world and wants to share that passion with his collectors.  "Original art breathes life into a room and transports the viewer to a specific time and place," states Lussier at his website.  And, I couldn't agree more.

Interconnected with his beliefs about art is his philosophy on teaching.  David believes in teaching strong foundation principles, and encourages students to strive for a strong emotional connection with the subject that translates through to viewer.  He also feels a personal responsibility to pass on his knowledge and love of craft to other aspiring artists.

Ironically, David grew up in town near where Julian Alden Weir painted many scenes including a red bridge that David and his friends played on in their youth.  Weir was one of the original Ten American painters and you can read more about him in the previous blog post.  David's impressionistic style has been encouraged by his own teachers including Charles Movalli, Charles Sovek, and George Carpenter.  His formal education includes Paier College of Art in Hamden Connecticut and the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Old Lyme Connecticut.   With too many awards, articles, and affiliations to mention, I encourage you to visit David and Pamela's website today.

David Lussier Gallery 


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