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Welcome to The Ten New England Painters

January 8, 2011 - At this, the start of 2012, I am reviving the ideas and principles originated by the 19th century group of impressionistic painters known as "The Ten American Painters."  This inaugural post, offers some history about the original group, and some insights into how I envision the new group.

The History
The original Ten announced the formation of their group on January 8, 1898.  Driven by a commitment to innovative painting styles (including impressionism), an opposition to established entities (including Society of American Artists and the National Academy of Design), and a desire for better organized exhibitions, this group suceeded in promoting the acceptance of impressionism in America.  Since 10 artists exhibited at their first annual salon, and a large X adorned the cover of their first catalog, the press dubbed the group, "The Ten" and it stuck.  None of The Ten were interested in by-laws, rigid rules, paper work, or officers,

The Ten American Painters

However, they did agree on the following:

  • To exhibit work in each annual show
  • Have at least ten members
  • Admit new members only with unanimous support

The Ten were also interested in a more intimate exhibition experience.  Counter to the academy and french salon style shows of the times which stacked paintings, The Ten exhibited work allowing plenty of space between each painting and giving each member their own display area.  The public responded positively and the group went on to enjoy 20 annual exhibitions before disbanding in 1918.

How I envision the new Ten

Like the original Ten, I want to keep the organization simple so that each artist can focus on their art.

The new Ten will:
  • Be comprised of 10 New England-based artists - Some may say this is exclusionary, but in order to honor the original Ten, this is necessary.  Ten is also an intimate and manageable number of artists.  Being from New England will also help us better plan, organize, and present a stronger annual exhibition.
  • Organize and promote one annual exhibition - At a chosen venue, we will display each artist's work in an eye-pleasing way.  Each artist will be given ample display space and opportunity to sell their work to collectors.
  • Agree to admit new members only through unanimous consent.

To learn more about the original Ten, click here.

If you are an art collector and are interested in being invited to this year's 1st annual exhibition, please contact me by email

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  1. Incredible idea! I really love it! I would love to see your first sure to send me an invite!